What can I say about 2017?

I know I probably travelled more miles to shoot weddings than ever before. From on top of mountains to deep in the forest, I saw a lot of amazing things and shared it all with some pretty special people. People that I just know will be friends for years to come. Artistically, I feel like I have evolved a lot over the last twelve months, especially when it comes to wrapping my head around the images I want to make in the future. Every wedding photographer will tell you that they are searching for their own unique voice. Something that sets them apart from the next person. I think that journey will never end for me, but looking back at the images I made in 2017, I think I am definitely getting closer to showing the most important parts of ‘me’ through my work.

Getting better at blocking out the noise of the Internet, going way above and beyond for my clients and completely trusting in my own vision are my main goals for 2018. I have some pretty amazing weddings coming up this year. I can’t wait to get out there, connect with as many great people as I can and see where it all takes me. What a journey this has been so far!

And so, here are some of my favourite images from 2017. I hope you enjoy them.