Here are some of my absolute favourite pictures from my travels in 2019, my seventh year of capturing weddings with a camera. When I look at them, I see so many things. So much love. So much fun. So many new friends. There’s a definite progression in the way I go about telling a wedding story that’s for sure. I can see stuff starting to creep in to the images that I like. Mostly however, I feel gratitude towards the people who make what I do possible. I also feel like I’ve levelled up on love and respect for the art of photography too.

I didn’t have many personal projects happening in 2019 from sheer workload but I plan to change that in 2020 and hopefully that means some film too. I used my Polaroid 180 instant camera the other day (not the new pretend ones, the real deal from 1965) and freaked out over the cost of the film I still have for it. I could sell the few packs I have left and make an enormous profit! I think I will just shoot them though. I’ll pick and choose some moments with my kids and fill up a book with what might be the last real Polaroids I will ever shoot. Maybe that can be my side project for 2020.

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