Gavin & Sarah – Somewhere out near Griffith Wedding

I’ve thought a whole lot about Gavin and Sarah’s wedding for a while now. About how it felt to be in the thick of such a moving day.

I wandered around trying to seek out the backbone of their story, looking out for the markers that define them. It didn’t take long for me to realise that there was a whole lot of story going on in multiple places – and that’s when I became a bit overwhelmed. Being so, so focused on trying to manage such a large amount of love, such a huge outpouring of emotion from all angles… it’s a physical & emotional challenge. It’s the very reason I love what it do. But alas, I felt like there was no way I could get it all in my camera, it was too much.

200 yards away from the ceremony, the silos are standing adorned with the glowing LED initials “G&S”, carving their shapes in the afternoon sky. They have their stories to tell, as does the old homestead that stands on it’s last legs, marked for demolition in the not too distant future. I watched Grandma take a long last look at the old place before she left for the night. I wondered what she was thinking…

Gavin’s old van was parked beside the dance floor all night like a loyal member of the family. Somehow it transformed into a makeshift photo-booth, often trying to accommodate way too many people crammed in the back trying to get the flash working on an old iPhone!

I loved these guys. I loved their day. I love how they did exactly what they wanted to do and nothing they didn’t. I love how they made me feel like a friend and let me see the day from a close distance.

Though the day was littered with ‘full body shaking belly laughs’, there was also an ever present heart and soul to Gavin and Sarah’s day that can’t possibly be explained in words. I wanted to capture that with everything I have. I hope some of it shines through the pictures…