Juniper - Luke Chisholm Photography


I’ve known Nath and Gem for a while now since we did an awesome little maternity session up in the Sugarpine walk a few years back. Sadly it’s no longer there now since a major bushfire ripped through it recently. This little angel was baking then. You can view that amazing session here…

Little Juni is a firecracker for sure. She simply was NOT going to wear the cute little flower head-piece under any circumstances and literally threw it away the instant it went on. Gotta love how children let you know how they feel in an instant, with zero filter whatsoever!

This session is an excellent example of what the right conditions can bring to images if you’re prepared for them. I had a feeling that beautiful afternoon sun was going to poke through at some point. What a gift it was when it finally did. Here’s a few of my favourite frames from our beautiful afternoon together.