Kris & Paige – Bendooley Estate Wedding

Bendooley Estate is a stones throw from the beautiful town of Bowral, deep in the NSW Southern Highlands. Rolling hills divided into lush paddocks frame the countryside and a thick beautiful mist blankets the lower parts of the area even though it’s almost Summer. Kris and Paige were smitten with the place as soon as they visited and it’s not hard to see why it’s a pretty famous Australian wedding venue. Megan and I arrived in the early afternoon the day before the wedding and we had the chance to have a good look around and also spend some time with Kris and Paige exploring the property which was nice as the place is pretty epic.

When the big day rolled around, it was rainy and overcast, exactly the kind of day I was hoping for. There’s a certain kind of muted, subtle grace that surrounds this property. It’s red clay paths gently curve around the enormous fir trees, manicured hedges and 19th Century geometric gardens. There’s enough room here to get lost for a while and that’s exactly what we did in the portrait session late in the afternoon. And even though I could talk about the property for an age, the reason we were all there was Kris and Paige. Two of the best. Two good eggs. One great couple. This is one of those times where I had a very strong visual awareness of where we were, who was involved and what was going on. From the Sex In The City bridesmaids power-walking to the quiet, intimate moments shared in the enormous paddocks and everything in-between…

There are some frames from the day that I think really nail the atmosphere of the wedding and the way the key characters felt. I am truly blessed to get to connect with such great people and their friends and families for such a special day. If someone in 50 years time smiles, laughs or sheds a tear when they look back at this wonderful day, I will have done what I set out to do and that is as much as I could ever want. And seriously, who get’s a full size chest tattoo with the bride and groom’s name? That, in my book is commitment! Chris and Paige’s wedding is featured over at Made With Love Bridal. 

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