Kristian & Jorja – Kiewa Valley Wedding

When Jorja and Kristian first contacted me, I knew we were a great match straight away. When Jorja described her plans for the wedding day and her super creative vision it read something like “Romantic/Bohemian meets rustic/vintage”.  She mentioned blankets on the grass and roast beef rolls with gravy for dinner all in her Mum and Dad’s back-yard. Naturally I was 100 percent all-in straight away.

The truth is though – I had no idea just what a wedding / glamping / singing and dancing extravaganza this was going to be. When I saw the tables and chairs and the glamping tents and the ceremony design and the custom made dance-floor and the bar area and the canoes filled with drinks and the endless bits and pieces that gave this already beautiful location a whole other extra dimension, I was like ‘holy shit!’ literally. It was a work of art unto itself. And to think that Jorja and her many helpers had pulled it all off themselves and allowed so many friends and family to get lost amongst it all was truly a privilege to witness.

To me, it’s always fascinating to see the story of a wedding day develop both before and on the day. The best plans are laid and painstakingly brought to life by so many dedicated people. Then the day rolls around and the shebang just takes off on it’s own like a runaway train that cannot be stopped! And to me, that’s a huge part of the beauty of a wedding day and the unique energy that seems to shine through every single time. None of us truly know what’s going to happen.

The celebration seems to go it’s own way and we all simply hold on tight and enjoy the wild ride. I can’t thank these two enough for inviting me into their world. For trusting me to tell their story with no limitations at all. For their warmth, enthusiasm, kind words and belief in my process and what I bring to the table. It’s a hell of a story and I won’t forget you guys!

Also, huge props to Andrew from Bottlebrush Films. Whenever we work together it’s like we’re straight back in the saddle. Like Han Solo and Chewy. One of us speaking English while the other is off making weird noises in the scrub when the light gets amazing. It was great to catch up with you again mate. Hope we can do it again soon. If you need a videographer for your wedding, Andrew & Grace are the bees knees and I can’t recommend them enough. And I can’t forget my trusty second shooter Alex Chubb. Thanks so much for stepping in at short notice and helping out on the day! So, this is Krisitan and Jorja and the day that stopped the Kiewa Valley in it’s tracks. Top shelf people. Top shelf party. I Loved being there for you guys so much!

Press play! Everything is better with music…