Mitchell & Lauren – Rutherglen Wedding

Sometimes you see things that truly move you. Not in the nostalgic sense, more in the immediate fashion. Like something smacking you in the face from out of nowhere. That’s the best way I can describe how I saw this day.

Being married myself, I understand how a groom feels on his wedding day and just what an amazing feeling it is to have found your partner and that she said she’s yours forever. Watching Mitch throughout the day, I could see what all this meant to him. I remember what it all meant to me and how it feels to have all these overwhelming emotions happen to you that you can’t quite make sense of. Watching the love of your life float around in all her effortless grace, all the while trying to work out how the hell you could possibly have been this lucky to have her.

Mitch & Lauren, you guys brought stuff to your day that will never be forgotten by anyone who was there. If a wedding is all about giving 100% of yourselves to each other, you guys nailed it.

Mitch – My favourite part of the day was seeing my sweetheart walk down the aisle towards me. I couldn’t have been happier to see her, she looked truly amazing.  She definitely brought tears to my eyes and everyone else in the church. The entire day was an amazing celebration with family and friends and one that I will cherish forever.

Lauren – I started the day with mixed feelings of excitement and nerves. Walking down the aisle was very surreal. Seeing Mitch waiting for me at the other end, with happy tears in his eyes made me realise how incredibly lucky I was to be marrying such a beautiful man.  We shared our happiness with the most special people in our lives making the entire experience unforgettable. The day was perfect in so many ways and absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Reception – All Saints Estate

Band – The Mighty Yak

Bridal Gown – Jillian Franklin

Flowers – Carla @ Rutherglen Florist

Cake – Lauren’s great Auntie, Dianne Young

Table arrangements and decorations – Lauren and her many helpers