New Zealand

It’s a pretty special thing to be invited to shoot weddings in other countries. For a couple to get in touch with me and explain that they dig what I do enough to fly me over and capture their wedding day simply blows my mind. So thanks Zinny & Pet! These frames exist because of you!

Last time I was in New Zealand, I spent most of my time looking up at the mountains with a smile on my face, just taking it all in, wondering how a place a beautiful as this could exist only three hours away from Australia. This time, I was more prepared for how jaw-dropping the landscapes can be and just how much of an effect the spirit of the place can have on you. I took a crap-ton of film and my two favourite cameras with me. I jammed as much of what I saw into the following frames as possible and I’m so glad I did. Yeah, it’s hundreds of dollars to shoot film these days let alone the even more hundreds of dollars to have it processed and scanned but I’m glad I went to the effort to capture it this way. This is how I want to remember this trip, with grain, with vignettes and the memories of the sounds of a Leica click and a Hasselblad’s unmistakable clunk. Megan and I must have driven a few thousand miles and hiked over 100km in less than a week but it was definitely worth every blister.

The following frames were all shot on my Leica M6 & Hasselblad 503/cw. Films were Kodak Tri-X, Kodak Portra 400 & 800. Dev & Scan on Fuji Frontier by Indie Film Lab in Alabama USA.