Simon & Jacqui – Mt. Hotham Wedding

When Simon & Jacqui first contacted me it’s fair to say I was excited. They’re adventurers – For real. They go out into mountain back country in miles and miles of snow with nothing but packs and split boards. When they described what they wanted their wedding day to be, I could see they were the kind of couple that wanted to go their own way. Let’s face it, getting married in Autumn on top of Hotham is not the safest plan but that’s why I love these guys so much. Not afraid of a challenge and certainly not going to compromise the vision of their wedding day for anyone or anything. And to say it paid off is an understatement.

As I drove up the mountain from Bright, past Harrietville and onto the high plains, I started to feel like I was home. It’s crazy because I live in a very flat, dry place with virtually no hills let alone mountains. To me, there’s a magic up there. There’s a calmness in the sky and crisp tone in the air up there. I feel like it’s one of the places that I understand. Maybe its’ the brilliant people I’ve spent time with in this area, maybe it’s just something you can’t explain with words. As I spend more and more time in the snowy mountains, the more I am drawn there and the more I love photographing the wonderful things people are doing up there.

This was a day I can’t forget. These are people I can’t forget.