Tim & Steph – Kimo Estate Wedding

Tim & Steph will leave a mark on me for as long as I shoot weddings and then some. And not just because they are the exact people I love connecting with, but also also due to the way their wedding day panned out in the most natural, easy, real way anyone could ever hope for. That’s the catalyst for the quality moments that follow and how they make their way into my camera for all time. Sometimes the ingredients are ‘just there’ and magic happens at every turn. For me, that magic is always found in the moments and how many of those I can hunt down and capture over the course of the day.

A photographer doesn’t make the moments that matter happen at a wedding, but we sure do try and create an environment that facilitates them. This was one of those days where it was too easy. There’s a flow to this day that can’t be quantified with words. I can see and feel it pouring out of these images. That’s why I’m convinced the humble still photograph continues to fly the flag for those times where language is just not equipped to tell the whole story properly.

As far as Kimo Estate goes, I’m connected to this land in a way that can’t be explained or overstated. Maybe you feel some of the love I have for this place through the images and the way I capture it. That’s a nice thought. There’s parts of my life out here in a jigsaw of landscapes and moments both from my childhood spent on farms and the time I’ve spent with the most wonderful welcoming people over the years on so many wedding days. All of that stuff makes it’s way into my work involuntarily. I have zero control over that. It’s as real as it gets.

Dave and Emilia have almost given me a second professional home and I can’t explain how much that means to me. They know I love the place almost as much as they do and I truly treasure the experience every time I set foot on the property. I often sit out the back with Emilia and catch up over a meal at some point during the night which is something I look forward to when I’m out there.

For Tim & Steph, I hope they see what I see. The tears of joy and shocking reality of the present and future all rolled up in a plethora of simple glances, warm outstretched hands, and heartfelt gestures that seemed to never end. The best dark blue-grey overcast sky I have ever seen above this place on a canvas of earthy browns and yellows. Far out, this day grows on me as time goes by. I knew from the first minute, it was going to be much better than good. But looking back on it now, whatever we did to let all this stuff shine though… I wish we could bottle it. It truly was great. Tim and Steph, you guys are the best.

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Tim & Steph - Kimo Estate Wedding

Celebrant: Jane Mackinlay / Flowers: Megan Joyce / Bridal gown: Grace Loves Lace / Make up: Jessica Slattery from Fusion hair & beauty design – Holbrook / Invitations and signage: Jane Heriot / Caterer: Create Catering / Hairdresser: Lia Larson from Boudoir Hairdressing Albury / Singer: Liam Dalby / Videographer: Daniel Enright / Blog Music: Cavalier – James Vincent McMorrow iTunes