Most of the world wants to forget 2016… for pretty good reason too. So many amazing people were lost far too young and it seems like the world was starting to feel a bit down. It’s easy to feel cynical and negative when there’s so many challenging things happening around us. I guess in a way, I was extremely lucky to mostly see love in 2016. Almost every weekend I was able to go out the front door and make my way to locations that were full of nothing but love, laughs and joy. It really does rub off on me.

I cruised across the Tasman Sea again and hooked up with some wicked Kiwi lovers for their wedding day, travelled the South Island and shot a huge amount of film. Back home I captured weddings in 5 different states. That’s a whole lot of love that ended up in my camera!

So for me, although 2016 was tough in many ways, amongst the chaos there are still people getting married, giving themselves to one another and changing the world for the better. I really do get to do something I love for a living – I’m one of the lucky ones. I can’t possibly thank the couples who trust me to capture their day enough. They make my job possible and I never forget that.

So, even if you’re trying as hard as possible to forget 2016, here are some of the wonderful things I saw…