Part documentary part fine art, always from the heart

It’s all about the story of you

There’s nothing more powerful and engaging than a good story told with passion and heart. The way I capture a wedding will always be centred around the unique story of you and your day. The people, the places and the interactions always form the narrative that I put together in a natural and heartfelt style from beginning to end. Wedding photography is much more meaningful when it takes us on a journey from one chapter to another, stitched together with the moments that matter from a strong storytelling perspective.

It absolutely, positively has to be fun!

The best photos always happen when you least expect it and it’s usually because somebody was laughing their head off at something funny. That kind of natural positive energy is something that I always try to project because I believe weddings are meant to be fun above all else. There will always be time for some intimate moments along the way and I will be all over that stuff as you would expect. That said, if your goal is to simply have a big party with your nearest and dearest and say “I do” at some point along the way, we’re definitely already on the same page.

The magic of keeping it stress-free and real

I think the pictures of your day need to be genuine moments captured as they actually happen so you see your day just as it was. Even when there is time to make some creative portraits together, I’ll be looking for natural expressions and genuine moments that show who you really are. Hopefully you can see this approach reflected in the stories on my blog.

I’m pretty sneaky for most of the day. I hate the idea of getting in the way but I will always be there for you when you need me. I’m not into posing people in silly, awkward positions that were cool in 1982. Let’s just allow the day to take it’s natural course, knowing that I’ll be there to point a camera at all the important moments whenever they happen. The best stuff always goes down when you least expect it.

Always a collaboration

When all is said and done, no matter how sneaky and unobtrusive I am, great wedding photography is always a result of a fantastic photographer & couple collaboration. The trust that results from connecting quickly with couples and guests allows me to see and feel what’s really going on from a relaxed and natural perspective. The more we connect, the more comfortable everyone feels and the more accurately the pictures reflect the ‘real you’ and everything else that makes a day like this so special. My aim is that every single person I spend a wedding day with simply sees me as a friend who happens to have a camera.

Endearing. Honest. Expressive.

Although it’s hard to describe my style with words, I think it would be fair to say that it’s mostly creative documentary storytelling with a dash of fine art and a huge amount of heart. Endearing, Honest & Expressive. I’m always focused on making images that really mean something.

Let’s Connect!

If you like what you see, send me an enquiry and we can start a conversation about your special day. I’ll get back to you pronto. It’s never too early to get the ball rolling as my calendar tends to fill up pretty quickly and I take on a limited number of weddings each year.