In the last few months, regional Australia has been through a lot. Already more than a year into a major drought, these parts resemble a desert. If you’ve ever been out this way, you’ve no doubt seen just how intense a major drought can get. It affects everything. The land, the vegetation, local industry, the list goes on and on. Most of all though, it affects the people. Behind closed doors, I imagine there’s a lot of hurt. A lot of suffering. You’ll rarely see that on anyone’s face though. People out here tend to dig in and survive. This isn’t simply a story of how two people got married on the farm. It’s also about how Sally’s parents were still able to host a magical day for their daughter in the most trying conditions.

Chris and Sal carved out one of the most beautiful wedding days I have ever been a part of. In the paddock across the road from the farmhouse where the Bauer kids used to play in the creek, the marquee stands in the dirt, next to the crisp stubble, lashed down to cope with the wind. Sally’s family property is located just north of the small township and farming community of The Rock, NSW. Red dirt. High heels. Dust. Champagne. Flower petal confetti. Bronze cutlery. Polaroid selfies. Barbed wire.

The contrasting elements could not have been more different. Eucalyptus branches swishing millions of flies off perfect makeup and designer clutches. Brand new shoes starting the day in full colour, only to be covered in the driest brown dust imaginable immediately after stepping out of the car. And that’s why everything that happened that day resonates with me so strongly. I thrive when there’s a few spider-webs on the front of the lens. A few scratches on my legs here and there from the barbed wire fence. Some dust in my socks and dirt in my undies (no shit, there was heaps of dirt in my undies). It felt like the day really did have an energy of it’s own. The ceremony was beautiful. The styling was perfect. And in true Australian form, we fought our way through the heat, flies and wind to be gifted a magical sunset and one of the most beautiful nights I can remember.

These two lovers were completely oblivious to all of that stuff though. Chris and Sal simply had eyes for each other and the people they love. No dust, dirt or spider-webs were ever going to get in the way of that. To be this present on your wedding day is a rare gift and something I hope everyone getting married can manage to achieve. It’s all about letting go of the ‘wedding reigns’ on your day. Taking a deep breath and surrendering to it all. The planning is done. The details don’t matter now. Let the dust settle wherever it’s meant to. Dive down deep into why you’re there. Nothing else matters.

Press play! Everything is better with music.

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