Fine Art Book – Steven & Rebecca

As time goes on, printing my work as much as possible is becoming increasingly important to me. I mean, there really is nothing like seeing something you’re connected to in print. The images somehow come to life in a way that can’t really be explained. Holding the work in your hands, gliding your fingers across the pages and taking it all in first hand is where the magic begins. In fact, I find myself shooting images with a vision for how they will look in print more and more. I can see the grain in the fine art paper showing itself through the picture well before it’s ever printed. I love these books. I love showing them to couples and watching their faces as they flick through them. If you’re on the fence about wedding albums, make sure you get your hands and eyes all over one of mine before making your mind up. For me, these beautiful hand made fine art books continually redefine what a wedding album can be and also how a wedding story should be told.

Here are a few spreads from Steve and Bec’s wedding day, which I was lucky enough to photograph late last year at Orange Grove gardens near Culcairn NSW. I’m so very proud of this work and so grateful a couple so madly in love chose to trust me with their day. I think there are some pictures in here that will go down as some of my favourites of all time.