Haydyn & Julia – Kimo Estate Wedding

Kimo Estate is a beautiful place and reminds me of my childhood. Right from the very first time Dave took me on a tour of the place, I knew it would be a magnificent canvas for weddings and I really connected with everything it has to offer. A few beers on the porch and a brief history of the place had me glued to every word. Dave and Emilia had a vision and it’s not hard to see why it truly works as a venue. A working farm. Livestock. Sheds. Hills. Paddocks. Gates. Utes. Sheep. Not enough rain. I wonder if the original owners could comprehend what happens here now. People in love, starting the rest of their lives here amongst rolling hills, massive blue skies, mooing cows and sunsets that defy imagination.

As time goes by, my net widens and day by day, the world becomes a little bit smaller. It seems that almost every wedding I photograph re-connects me with someone I have met at a previous wedding or at the very least, puts a few familiar faces in my periphery. And on the flip side, I’m almost certainly going to get to know a few new faces and of course, share a very precious space with a new pair of lovers on the best day of their lives. Haydyn and Julia’s day was no exception. So many familiar faces and so many welcoming new ones.

When I set out to photograph weddings all those years ago, this is exactly the kind of day I had in mind. What can I say about Julia and Haydyn that the pictures don’t say by themselves? I could say that they love each-other like crazy and they want everyone to know it. That they didn’t hold back in any way. That they are kind, gentle, welcoming and hilarious. That their day was a perfect reflection of themselves against the perfect backdrop of rolling hills, golden light and people who love them so, so much. I think I will just gently send you down the page and hopefully the spirit of these two top-shelf humans will wash over you the same way it did me. 

Thank you Haydoss & Jules. What a beautiful wedding day. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. PS. I could also say that even though I’m not really a wedding dress expert, I thought Julia’s was absolutely perfect in every way.

Press play! Everything is better with music…