This is a real love story. The kind that makes you smile so much your cheeks hurt. A young Kiwi bloke and an Aussie princess separated by an ocean find each other at a conference in Sydney and years later tie the knot in the small NSW town of Henty. And that’s just the short version of the story. You see, Nathan travelled over the ocean by himself to a completely new country to live near the girl he adored. There were no guarantees, it was not logical… Henty is as about the biggest change from anywhere in NZ that I can think of. Not too many awesome skating opportunities that’s for sure. That said, I think for Nathan it was all instinct. Listening to his heart and doing exactly what it told him to do. To me, that’s amazing. The speeches in the evening made me smile, laugh and dream all at the same time. The way Nathan explained it, it was love at first sight and I believed him whole heartedly. What a story, what a day, what a night…

Don’t get me started on the reception in the woolshed that Mel’s Mother styled herself… Let’s just say it blew my mind.

I drove out to Henty thinking I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for… but I wasn’t even close…

Ceremony – Mel’s Mum and Dad’s back yard

Reception – Mundawarara Woolshed, Henty NSW

Reception styling – Mel’s Mum (Can you believe she did this herself – WHAT!!! No Way!!!)

Additional art and decorations – Mel’s Mum, Aunty Jen and Amanda