Sam & Anna – Holbrook Wedding

Sam definitely loves Anna. That’s for certain. This whole day is a symphony of out-and-out love, devotion and connection. I was lucky enough to be asked along to see, feel and capture it all. From cruising down the tree lined driveway into this beautiful place right through the day and night to pressing the shutter for the last time, outside the makeshift bridal palace Sam constructed for Anna in secret.

I was there with Anna as she put her dress on and told me all about Sam and home and how much it means to be married on the dirt you’re connected to. To me, there’s a certain kind of faith you are gifted when you experience a story like this. There’s no holding back, everything that needs to be said and done is right there in front of me and all I have to do it frame it up and capture it from a place that’s true and real.

I don’t need to accentuate anything or try and get something out of the situation that’s not already there. I loved this day and looking back at it after some time has passed is a shot to the arm. I look at these pictures and I’m there again. This beautiful day was crafted by my great mates, Josh and Sophie + the team at White Top Venues.