Tim and Ben were married on a beautiful overcast day in the paddock below Fergo’s eco hut, perched on top of the Kimo valley hills that border the Estate. It’s hard to describe the juxtaposition between the world descending into panic and uncertainty from the COVID19 pandemic and these two gentlemen sharing the best day of their lives on one of the most beautiful properties in southern New South Wales. It was like the impending change we were about to face was holding off for a night so we could get these two married.

I remember Tim’s speech like it was a few minutes ago. The calendar on Tim’s fridge with the days and months crossed off in permanent marker while Ben was overseas for an extended period. The sense of temporary loss and disconnect that happens when we lost the ones we love for a little while hit me hard. And the outpouring of emotion and pure relief when we find each-other again made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Yin and Yang. Black and White. No joy without pain. Life is full of cheeky opposites.

As the sun went down, the children played together on the dance-floor, immune to the cold night air while the adults gathered around the bonfire. I’ve seen a lot of love stories that truly moved me and stayed with me long after I’ve made my way home. This time, I walked away with a new sense of need for the ones I love and gratitude for the ones I have lost.

Press play! Everything is better with music.

Styling – Em and team at The Styling Store / Venue – Kimo Estate NSW / Flowers – Ash from With Love Bespoke Styling / Mobile Bar – Betsy’s Goodbar / Music – Gradual Shifts by Philip Daniel & Shawn Williams – iTunes