Josh + Eryn – Queenstown Wedding, NZ

Josh & Eryn had a vision of sharing their love with family and friends in Queenstown, New Zealand surrounded by sunshine and snow, beautiful towering mountains and blue sky that stretches as far as anyone can see. So when the day came, after a week of 100km winds, grey clouds, mist, ice and rain, the sun came out and everything calmed down to let them have their dream wedding. It was simply amazing. An intimate group of wonderful people spent the day in a magical place watching two magical people get hitched in the snow. Two separate helicopter flights, hiking through the snow in -7 degrees celsius, riding gondolas up a sheer cliff face in the dark to Skyline for a low key dinner and a few drinks - Just the way they planned it . Josh & Eryn, your love for each other and these mountains is something I will never, ever forget. Thank you so much for having us there to capture it for you.

This was an adventure in every sense of the word. Standing on top of that snow covered mountain range, there was not a single breath of wind. It was so otherworldly, I caught myself staring into the distance so many times just smiling...

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