Mick & Jaclyn – Jindabyne Wedding

I’m a story kinda guy.

I love reading them, seeing them & capturing them. I’m so incredibly lucky to get to travel around and capture so many wonderful stories for so many wonderful, friendly, trusting people. I can’t overstate this!

Mick & Jac treated me like an old friend and I think that’s why I was able to get pretty close to their day and see it the way I did. Jindabyne is such a magical place, even when you’re just driving through. Looking around at the ceremony, I could see most of the congregation were in awe of the view. I wondered if Mick and his Dad look down at the lake much when they’re working this land. I’m sure they probably would over the top of a warm cup of tea in July.

I turned up the day before the wedding to meet Mick & Jac for a guided tour of the wedding spots involved and I have to say they nailed their plans in every way. I’m not sure if I believe in fate but after hearing their story, I think these guys were definitely meant to be together. The most unlikeliest of meetings and initially such a distance between them. But as Jac said, “When you know, you know”. Obviously, the heart is a very powerful thing.

From start to finish I had the best time capturing their day and meeting their guests. I even had a few catch-up’s with some long lost friends I have not seen in around 15 years!

Beautiful weather, beautiful people and beautiful moments. What else could you want?