Sunny & Belinda – St. Edwards of the Riverina Wedding

Sunny & Belinda were married back in April at beautiful St. Edwards of the Riverina, just outside Wagga Wagga NSW. Belinda is a Graphic Design Lecturer and Sunny is a Doctor. Now theres a magnificent right brain meets left brain love story! I’d been looking forward to shooting their wedding for quite a while because when we first met, they were definitely two of the most gentle, kindhearted people i’ve ever met. I’m seriously drawn to people like these guys. They trusted me 100% right from the start and I think it shows in the way I was able to capture their day. I love how this day shows a coming together of two different cultures. People from different walks of life becoming the best of friends, families creating bonds that transcend our backgrounds. I would say that for me, Belinda’s smile was the highlight of the day but Sunny had a huge grin on his face that certainly gave her a run for her money.

I speak to couples at length about making sure they are smiling as they walk out of their wedding when it’s done. These guys had the best time and so did I. I hope these pictures describe that in some small way. I hope the way I saw the magic of their day unfold resonates with them for many years to come.